>>>gift from my hubby the day after she was born

>>Ba-Chan (aka my mom) during her visit

>>July 4th

>>Grandpa Worwood

>>Package for Kylie from Great Grandpa Worwood & Karla

>>Grandma Worwood

Our little Munchkin is here and we can't be happier!  She is just so perfect.  I know that sounds so cliche but it's true.  I used to make fun of moms who seemed so obsessed with their babies...but now I can understand.  
Her birth was so amazing.  We had her at home and while I know that may not be for everyone, I can't imagine having it any other way.  No doctors or nurses constantly coming in and out, and checking how dilated I was, or messing with the different machines I was hooked up to.  No fluorescent lights or hospital smells.  Instead we had soft candle lighting.  I was in the comfort of my own bed.  My husband was right by my side stroking my hair.  I had all the pillows I could ask for.  The midwife rubbed my low back the whole time.  It was just the three of us, and it made the whole experience so special for me and Daniel.  
And thanks to my hypnobirthing classes my labor was smooth (still a little intense I won't lie) and only 3 hours long.  Overall just such a happy and positive experience.  


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I'm soooo ecstatic over all of the sales going on right now.  Victoria's Secret semi annual, Bath and Body works semi annual, Nordstrom Half Yearly to name a few.  Still no signs of this little baby girl (I'm 4 days past due).  But it's still been fun filling my waiting time with some shopping, since I most likely won't be able to leave the house for awhile after the baby comes.  So I just started prepping for when this bump is gone.  Here are some things I've picked up, and some things on my wish list.  I really really want want want this dress (#8).
Happy shopping!


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I get so excited when I try new recipes that I like.  I've been on a major smoothie/shake kick lately.  What's not to love, they're quick, easy (always a plus while pregnant and being tired all the time) and you can pack them full of vital nutrients.  

For this one I used all the ingredients in the pic---i really just put in what I like as far a portions go, i really have no rhyme or reason to it----not pictured is Kirkland Granola w/flax.  I just sprinkled that on top and mixed a bit into the shake as well...I love the extra crunch. 

 Mixed Frozen Fruit (for this one I just used the strawberries)
Almond butter
Almond milk
Fresh banana
Choc Muscle Milk powder